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Which is the best VPS hosting?

This one’s a tricky question to answer as it depends on what you’re looking for. If “best” means “cheapest” then the answer’s very different to if it means “most secure”. Then there are factors such as customer service, server location and local and international legislation to consider.

Another thing to think about is whether you want managed or unmanaged hosting. This basically refers to the way that the service is delivered. A managed host will proactively spend time securing your server and just generally acting as a server administrator on your behalf, while an unmanaged host will pretty much just give you the logins and leave you to it. Managed hosting tends to cost a little more, but it can also make life much, much easier.

Major advantages of VPS hosting, such as:

Full Root Access: With VPS hosting you will be provided with full root access so that you can install any kind of applications and OS on your server.

Full isolation: Your virtual private server environment is fully independent from other users sharing the same server.

Dedicated Resources: With dedicated server hosting you will be provided with dedicated resources such as computing power, CPU power, RAM, Memory, Data transfer and many more and all the resources are dedicated to your website.

One of the best benefit of VPS is its cost, because of the sharing nature the cost of VPS is divided into multiple users and you will get increase performance, excellent security, complete control and many other amazing features at cheapest rates as compare to other web hosting options.

In case you are searching for something extra than shared server and cloud server hosting, cheaper than dedicated server hosting environment, then VPS server hosting is ideal for you to choose. A good VPS host provide you with excellent uptime, performance, reliability and protection.

A2 Hosting over others:

  • Blazing fast and ultra-reliable turbo servers
  • Users share the cost of web server hardware and experiencing the amazing benefits of Dedicated server hosting
  • WIth A2 Hosting, A VPS server can be set up in no time.
  • You will be provided with greater server access, permitting you to manage your server setting based on your needs.
  • Easy to access control panel to manage your websites
  • Full root access enable you to install and modify any software easily
  • No one has the power to access or view or server related resources.
  • VPS hosting provided by A2 Hosting comes with the features available on a dedicated web server
  • Apache Server, MySQL & PostgreSQL, Python & Perl, Node.JS
  • Up To 20X Faster Servers
  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% worry-free Host-Guard Management

Considering all the features A2 Hosting offers, I personally don't get the cost of A2 Hosting VPS plan to be too high. So if you are looking for best VPS hosting at affordable rates make use of the A2 Hosting VPS offers and discounts.

There are numerous of companies offering VPS web hosting services but the best and top rated available option is A2 Hosting. The one and only motive of virtual private server hosting is to get access to complete advantage of dedicated server resources which can be easily obtained with A2 Hosting.

Purchasing a VPS hosting package for your website means that you will be provided with your own individual server environment. With VPS hosting provided by A2 Hosting, you will be enabled to design anything you wish. It is much easy and effortless to deploy any kind of applications. You will have full access on your server which enables you to install almost any kind of applications and software. Each and every VPS plan will be assigned with key resources such as RAM, disk space, CPU power and the use of single website.

Furthermore if you are planning to take your business online and wish to create your own website on a web server that contains increased power, more stability, security then a traditional shared server hut don't want to spend money on dedicated server then A2 Hosting will be the ideal VPS hosting option for your online business/website. A2 Hosting offers SSD based virtual private server.

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